Apply for your dreamjob by creating a candidate profile and uploading your CV. We recommend filling in the complete form (incl. education, languages, IT-skills,...) so your profile will be more visible for our recruiters and thus will increase your chances. However, we understand that you can be in a hurry so you can save it for later, especially when your CV is already complete. 

Our recruiters are always finding the best match between candidates and the function. For some vacancies, we get a lot of candidates so it can take a little time before we can give a proper answer to your application. We thank you in advance for your patience! 

It's a match! 

At this point, our recruiters will have some additional questions to ask you so they will try to call you. This will probably occur between 9h-18h, so make sure to have your telephone close-by. The duration of these calls is about 5 to 15 minutes. Most interviews are scheduled during this call, so make sure to have access to your calendar. 

The interview & document check

Before the interview with the recruiter, they will ask you to complete your candidate profile (but you'll probably already finished this), do an online personality test, fill in an additional form and upload the documents here below: 

  • An extract of your criminal record model 1 (max. 3 months)
  • Your ID and drivers licence
  • Your diploma and other certificates

Important note: The recruitment process cannot continue, without all of these documents!

The interview itself will take about 20-60 minutes, depending on the function. If you need the take some tests, you should foresee an additional 1,5 hour. This should all be mentioned in the confirmation email so be sure to read it carefully.

A typical interview has the following structure:

  1. Motivation check
  2. Competence check
  3. (Additional questions)
  4. Document check

After the interview

When the interview is over and all of your documents are in order, we'll start processing your results. This can take a few days, especially when there are other candidates to interview, so please have a little patience. We'll contact you rapidly. 

When the test- and interview are positive, we'll contact you by telephone to give you the good news. Then, a second interview is planned with the manager of the function. In this interview, they will see if you're a good fit in the team. For some functions, there is even a third interview required with our clients. In that case, you'll be informed by the manager or recruiter.